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VIDEO: Bowhunting Rabbits – Catch And Cook 24 September 2016

Bowhunting rabbits is as fun as it gets. And cooking and eating them over a campfire in the rabbit hunting woods is definitely the thing to do. And the TaraDara Bros have a super recipe for cooking rabbits on a spit that tastes fantastic.

An Empty Quiver: Chapter 14. A Field Guide to ... 24 September 2016

My chances for drawing a mid-September elk permit in this central New Mexico area were nil, but darned if I didn’t get lucky. I couldn’t believe it when outfitter Ken Swaim of Beaverhead Outfitters called with the news.

Increase Arrow Speed with the Equalizer Release... 24 September 2016

Every archer/bowhunter wants to increase arrow speed and bow performance. You can increase your bow's draw weight, shoot a shorter arrow with an overdraw or shoot a lighter arrow, or you can try the Equalizer Release Aid. The only Release that can actually help you increase performance, up to 30 plus fps.

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