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Stick to the Plan 3 May 2016

I had been out in the woods since 5:30 am. It was now 11:00 am and I was birdless. Most hunters would have given up long ago. I had a plan and about 11:25 it worked. Three longbeards came into my calls like they had read the script.

GEAR REVIEW: Survival Slingshot 3 May 2016

the Survival Slingshot was invented by an aerospace engineer using 3D CAD software and 3D printers. The design was inspired by the AR-15, which explains the over the top spec's used to build the Survival Slingshot. If you take survival seriously or just want a fun weapon to take small game, this one got a 'thumbs up'.

Are Feral Hogs the Next Big Threat for Bobwhite... 2 May 2016


There’s a common saying in Texas: either you have feral pigs on your property, or you’re about to. These wild, destructive creatures are a fact of life in Texas, which has about half the total feral hog population in the United States. They’re dirty, cause millions of dollars in damages to local agriculture, and compete with native species for food and space. Scientists have already documented a significant impact on ground-nesting birds and reptiles, and hogs have even been seen eating larger animals like whitetail deer and turkey. Now researchers at Texas A&M are currently studying...

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