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5 Things Only Michigan Hunters Know 25 November 2014

Michigan hunters will know where this buck is, or a bigger one. It’s in the swamp, on the ridge, or down by “Bob’s Blind.”

Hunters know a lot of stuff. It’s true, just ask them. Hunters in the Great Lake State know even more and a lot of what they know has to do with traditions. Hunting is a sport steeped in tradition, and just about every part of hunting season has some tradition involved with it---whether it's deer camp, a lucky jacket, or anything else. And we all know where we hunt---hunting spots don’t have specific names. It’s Bob’s Ridge, or The Hill. And we all know of a particular swamp that holds the Turdy Point Buck. There are a few other things all Michigan hunters know, too.
1. November has...

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Photos: Where Was This Massive Wolf Taken? 25 November 2014


Alaska is home to about 7,000 to 11,000 gray wolves, from the rain forests of the southeastern panhandle---yes, Alaska has rain forests---to the tundra along the Beaufort Sea. However, if you think these massive wolves were taken in Alaska, you're only half right.

The true answer is, of course, that these wolves are pure Hollywood. These canines came straight from the master craftsmen behind the 2011 film The Grey with Liam Neeson. In the movie, Neeson is hired by an oil company as a professional marksman defending a drill site from Alaska's wolves. After being stranded in a plane...

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AFRICA: Third Time is A Charm 25 November 2014

This was going to be my third safari with Dries Visser and as I started prepare for the trip a year ahead of time I knew I wanted to share it with friends who had not been to Africa before. I called Bob, Craig and Rich and said, “Get ready for the hunting adventure of a life-time, we're going to Africa and bowhunt”.


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