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Are Hunters the Solution to the Grand Canyon’... 2 March 2015

A herd of 600 hybrid buffalo in the Grand Canyon are causing headaches for park staff.

They look like buffalo, act like buffalo, and certainly smell like buffalo, yet the hybrids known today as "beefalo" still have domestic cattle DNA in their genetic makeup. These large, lumbering creatures are left over from an ambitious project more than a century ago to raise buffalo for beef production, but now the creatures are causing headaches for wildlife officials.

Beefalo, or bison mixed with cow DNA, have proven to be a serious setback for wild bison conservation. Perhaps even more pressing, the animals are now rampaging through Grand Canyon National Park, pushing out native...

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Florida Officials Revive Bear Hunt in Wake of I... 2 March 2015

Florida officials have scheduled a proposed bear hunt for this fall.

After more than 20 years, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is bringing back bear hunting to the Sunshine State. The decision to plan a limited weeklong season was first announced early last month, and although it has yet to be finalized, officials now say that hunting could take place as early as this fall. It will be the first season in the state since officials banned bear hunting in 1994 due to population declines. Yet, a rash of bear attacks in 2014 and a general increase in black bear numbers has convinced the agency to take a "more aggressive...

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Cap set at $143.28M; Jags, Browns lead way 2 March 2015

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Cleveland Browns lead the way with adjusted salary caps of more than $160M for 2015 after carrying over significant amounts of unused cap space in 2014. Get the adjusted salary caps for every team here.

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