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Couple Has Trailer of Hunting Dogs Stolen, Reun... 8 February 2016

A happy ending for two hunters who never expected to see their dogs again.

What would you do if some thieves not only stole all your hunting gear, but also your beloved dogs? Larry Mills said he and his wife were distraught after they discovered that their trailer---filled with their hunting equipment, guns, and four English pointers---had been stolen in the night while they slept. KRQE reported that the couple was traveling through Albuquerque, New Mexico while returning from a trip in Arizona late last month. After staying at a local hotel, they went outside to find that...

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Breaking: First-ever Malaria Parasite Found in ... 8 February 2016

Researchers estimate that one fourth of East Coast whitetails are actually infected with malaria parasites.

Researchers at the University of Vermont (UVM) and the Smithsonian’s Conservation Biology Institute recently published a study on the first-ever malaria parasite known to live in a deer species. According to a press release from UVM, a malaria parasite called Plasmodium odocoilei was found in whitetail deer, and these were not isolated cases. Researchers believe the parasite is actually incredibly widespread and is estimated to...

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Bowhunter Game Review For Apple Or Android 8 February 2016

Jason Balazs covers the smartphone or tablet  bowhunting game from IENT called Bowhunter 2015. Find more about the game or download from www.ient.com.

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