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Suppressor-ready Hunting Rifles Becoming the Norm 30 September 2014

In stark contrast to just under a decade ago, gun manufacturers are offering more and more hunting rifles that readily accept suppressors.

Twenty years ago if you wanted to mount a noise-moderating suppressor on your hunting rifle, it meant a trip to a machine shop and a long explanation. Now, manufacturers from Ruger to Marlin are cranking out standard offerings aimed at sportsmen and target shooters alike that are set up from the factory to accept your favorite screw-on “can” of choice.
Problems of yesteryear
In the 1930s silencers, and any other device meant to muffle the sound of a firearm were lumped in under the National Firearms Act (NFA) as Title II weapons, along with short-barreled rifles and shotguns, machine...

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7 Unique DIY Bows and Arrows 30 September 2014

DIY bow and arrow

You can save your money to buy a compound, recurve or traditional bow, or you can try making one of these seven unique DIY bows and arrows by using everything from bike wheels to PVC. 1. Bike Wheel Bow by Darren Hall 2. Cross-Country Ski Bow by Yoshinok 3. K’Nex Compound Bow by Plasmapy 4. […]

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Pennsylvania Bow Season Set to Open Saturday, H... 30 September 2014

A manhunt in the Pocono mountains has hunters on alert.

Many Pennsylvania bowhunters are eagerly awaiting the start of the state's archery season this Saturday, but law enforcement and wildlife officials are urging hunters in the Poconos to be extra careful. The famed Pocono Mountains area is a hunting hotspot, but it is now also the site of a frantic manhunt for a suspect that police believe to have killed one state trooper and seriously injured another earlier this month. Officials say that a gunman ambushed two officers on September 12, resulting in the death of State Police Corporal Byron Dickson and the wounding of Trooper Alex Douglass....

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