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PETA Calls for Hanging of Dentist Who Shot Ceci... 3 August 2015

The outrage over Cecil the lion's death continues, and PETA has made a controversial statement.

Last month, a dentist from Eden Prairie, Minnesota shot and killed a 13-year-old male lion in Zimbabwe, drawing what can only be described as international outrage after government officials confirmed that the act was illegal and involved a beloved tourist attraction named Cecil.

Almost overnight, Walter Palmer found himself one of the most sought-after men in the world. After arresting the professional hunter who guided Palmer and the landowner that facilitated the trip,...

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The BAREBOW! Chronicles: Dead in His Bed 3 August 2015


Because of what a horror my first hunt for the species had turned out to be, I approached my second muskox hunt (in late August of 2001) with a certain amount of trepidation. Just how tough would it be for me to kill one of these wild oxen of the Far North with only a “stick and a string?” I was worried. Yet, as hardy as muskoxen were reputed to be, I just had to believe that even the biggest bull out there would succumb quickly to my Savora broadhead if it struck him through the heart or the lungs!

My destination that fourth week of August was Banks Island, the most...

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Headnets vs. Face Paint: Which is Better for Hu... 3 August 2015

A face mask protects your face from bugs, cold and a deer’s eyes, but it can affect your anchor point.

My buddy Paul was sitting across from me eating dinner with his face completely covered with several colors of paint: black, brown, olive, and tan. Other guys at the table started poking fun at the odd sight, and Paul looked a little sheepish as he realized he had forgotten to remove the paint before sitting down to eat.

But Paul made a pretty good comeback with some interesting statements that rang true about the importance of hiding the glow of your face from game animals. He believes that your face is often the first thing they see, so making your face blend in is just as important...

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