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How Not to Get Wet in the Great Outdoors 31 August 2015

mens storms edge jacket

Getting outdoors in the fall is one of the best times the year for everything from hunting and fishing, to backpacking, hiking, and camping---the cooler days and nights beckon us to get outdoors. However, being outdoors can be challenging in the fall because of the weather. Fall weather can be pretty unpredictable, changing from sunny skies to rain more quickly than any other time of year. It is important to be prepared for these sudden changes, and rain gear should be at the top of the list for any outdoor activity that you and your family are planning. Cabela’s offers some great choices...

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Photos: Can You Find These 10 Cunningly Hidden ... 31 August 2015

Image from Twitter

How sharp are your eyes? Regardless of whether you're hiking, hunting, fishing, or biking, countless animals pass by in the background without you noticing, and that's the key to their survival. Sometimes its a wary mountain lion tracking your progress through its territory, but oftentimes it's more harmless critters. Can you find the hidden critters in the 10 photos below? Some are easier to locate than others, and sometimes there's more than one animal per image.

Take your best shot below. If you want to try an easier critter hunt (one with the species listed!), check out our camouflaged...

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Trophy Hunting 31 August 2015

The left in America has tried to make the term 'Trophy Hunter' a derisive word to push the anti-hunting agenda. Jim Willems Pope & Young Club President explains why it is not and why we bowhunters should embrace it.


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