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Daydream Your Way to Higher Archery Scores 19 December 2014

Aida Roman, Ki Bo Bae and Mariana Avitia all focused on mental training before the London 2012 Olympic Games, resulting in improved archery scores.

Imagining yourself succeeding with higher archery scores is often called “imagery” or “visualization,” but we prefer the term “mental practice.” This skill creates or re-creates events in your mind to help you prepare for future performances. We consider it mental practice because the skill involves more than just picturing a situation. You want to create […]

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The BAREBOW! Chronicles: Mister Elkhorn and the... 19 December 2014

18-Woodland Caribou_PG_308-321_lr

In a hunting camp, one hunter’s unrealistic expectations are sometimes spawned in the euphoric backwaters of another hunter’s extraordinary success and good fortune. Such was the case for me, following on the heels of M. R. James’ great victory on the third evening of my 1999 Newfoundland hunt for woodland caribou. His fantastic stag, arrowed at 20 yards, was the one Harold Pelley and I had jumped from his bed two days earlier on an island in the Gander River. That animal was the first of the species I had ever laid eyes on, so every other stag we found throughout the rest of the week...

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Wisconsin Has a New Record Whitetail Buck 18 December 2014


The Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club (WBBC) recently announced that they've certified a new state archery record for a typical whitetail buck that was harvested by bowhunter Adam Hupf in Dodge County on October 11. The new record was panel-scored to an official measurement of 200 4/8 inches gross and 191 6/8 inches net, surpassing the previous record taken by Dusty Gerrits in 2012.


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