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Exclusive Video: An Afternoon with a Mockingjay... 21 November 2014

What's it like to be an extra in

Regular people — that would be most of us — see photos of the famous people on a movie set and wonder what it’s really like. Well, now Jason Rikard — this story’s token regular person — knows. He and wife Shannon Rikard, who’s also an Archery 360 contributing editor, answered a casting call for […]

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The Killing Tree: 4 Things That Make a Perfect ... 21 November 2014

Having confidence in your spot makes it easier to spend the long hours on stand necessary to wait out a big buck in a great location.

Some treestand locations are good year after year. Finding the right tree based on land features that direct deer movement is an art, but once your find the right place, your annual success is bound to rise.

Most hunters never see a Boone and Crockett scoring buck, much less have a chance to shoot one. Yet I have a bowhunting friend named Jim who shot two of them (a typical and a nontypical) only three years apart. What makes this feat even more impressive is the fact that he shot both of them, and a handful of other mature bucks, from the same tree.

He hit the treestand lottery...

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Florida Legalizes Hunting with Suppressors Desp... 21 November 2014

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has voted to allow the use of suppressors when hunting game animals. File image by Chris Eger.

Today the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) announced that it voted to lift the ban on hunting with suppressors in the state, despite delaying the vote from Thursday to Friday as a result of "increased public interest." The issue had been hotly debated since FWC officials first announced the possibility of removing the ban earlier this year. With the inclusion of Florida, 34 states now allow hunters to take game with the aid of suppressors.

Sportsmen in Florida and elsewhere have long argued for the use of suppressors, also known as silencers, because the devices...

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