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Social Media Made For The Antis 1 September 2014

Social media is the perfect hunting grounds for dim witted,intellectually challenged, conservationally ignorant, mean spirited, nasty, hateful people who can attack anyone who disagrees with them under a cloak of secrecy. Hunters are certainly not immune to these hate filled posts and women hunters are especially targeted.

About Safari Club International Foundation 31 August 2014

The Safari Club International Foundation is doing something every day to increase awareness, educate, promote and foster a love for the outdoor/shooting sports/hunting lifestyle.

The BAREBOW! Chronicles: The “Hail Mary” Ram 30 August 2014


November, 1994. I had not yet been bitten by the Super Slam bug. The idea of trying to harvest with my bow one of each of North America's 28 big game species still had not infected the tissues of my brain. That was not to happen till 1998. On the other hand, the dream of taking the so-called Grand Slam of our continent's four wild sheep was now well on its way to becoming my first, true hunting obsession. After arrowing my Dall ram in 1984, and my Read more »


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