Sight Tapes Printing

How to create perfect sight tape?

Materials you need:

  1. Label printer paper, Laser printer
  2. Scissors
  3. Sellotape
  4. Tape measure


  1. 20m, 50m and 70m sight marks must be got and re-checked
  2. accurate measurement of arrow to eye/peep and eye/peep to lens
  3. speed reading in fps useful, but not required

Print sight tape:

  1. Login to (if you don't have account yet, signup first - it's free)
  2. Define your bow and arrows in equipments section of your profile
  3. In sight tapes archery calculater click on button Add new sight tape and follow the wizard
  4. Print more sight tapes with speed step 0.5 fps

Next activities:

  1. Attach tape to sight and set pin for 20m, goto 70m and see where pin is
  2. If above 70m sight tape mark attach faster tape (+0.5 fps), below 70m sight tape mark attach slower tape (-0.5 fps)
  3. When 20m and 70m are correct check 50m
  4. Leave sight set at 50m (should have arrow central) shoot an arrow at 40m and 60m (compound) / 45m and 55m (recurve)
  5. Should be same amount high and low of centre arrow. If not change tape speed by .5fps and repeat above until short and long arrow equidistant
  6. When finished, Sellotape over sight tape

Your sight tapes

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