Abbott's duiker

Abbott's duiker
Abbott's duiker
Cephalophus spadix
121 libs ( 55 kg)
26 inches ( 65 cm)

About Abbott's duiker

Abbott's duiker is a large forest dwelling duiker (small antelope) found only in a couple of scattered enclaves in Tanzania. It is believed by some to be a subspecies of the yellow-backed duiker. It is very rare and the first photograph was taken as recently as 2003. Abbott's duiker is endemic to Tanzania, occur in the Eastern Arc Mountains, Mount Kilimanjo, and South Highlands in scattered populations. They live mainly in wet forests and swamps at between 1,700 and 2,700 metres above sea level, but can sometimes wander to much higher altitudes at 4,000 m. They eat mainly fruit and possibly other plant matter. Abbott's duiker are nocturnal, spending the days at rest in thickets. They form regular pathways through the undergrowth, making them relatively easy to find. If threatened they generally try to run, though they have been known to kill pursuing dogs when left with no escape route.

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