Aders' duiker

Aders' duiker
Aders' duiker
Cephalophus adersi
22 - 26 lbs ( 10 - 12 kg)
8 - 12 inches ( 20 - 30 cm)

About Aders' duiker

The Aders' duiker is a small forest dwelling duiker found only on Zanzibar and in a small coastal enclave in Kenya. It is also critically endangered. It is believed by some to be a subspecies of the red, Harvey's, or Peters's duiker or a subspecies of a combination of the above. It has a population of fewer than 1,400. Aders' duikers live primarily in coastal forests and woodlands in Africa. The species can live in quite dry scrub near the sea or among coral outcrops - in Zanzibar they are restricted to tall thicket forest growing on waterless coral rag[citation needed]. In Arabuko Sokoke (Kenya), Aders' duikers are most often trapped within Cynometra vegetation, especially on "red soil". C. adersi is sympatric with C. harveyi on the mainland and with C. monticola sundevalli on Zanzibar, although nothing is known regarding their ecological separation. There are estimated to be around 1,400 Aders' duikers left in the world. They are threatened by habitat destruction, feral dogs and over-hunting. Aders' duikers are particularly sought by humans due to their soft skin and sweet meat.

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Clasification: Smal Game

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